Installation and Test Manual

Version 4.3.0

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This manual contains information intended for licensees of EEGer software.

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ITP43002 Nov 30, 2012 Added 2-computer procedures

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Please review the computer requirements before continuing. You need to know what kind of installation desired and acquisition device being used to make the correct choices later.

Computer Requirements

EEGer software requires one or two computers to operate (depending upon user configuration selections). EEGer executes on the following operating system configurations:

The most sensitive element in a computer system (for EEGer) is the graphics interface. Some graphics chipsets/drivers exhibit poor performance, causing apparent display lagging although acquisition and processing continue normally.

Recommended minimum computer requirements:

Single computer system

Therapist computer of

2-computer system

Client/Game computer

of 2-computer system


2 GHz

2 or more processors/cores

1.8 GHz

2 or more processors/cores

1.8 GHz

2 or more processors/cores


4 GB

3 GB

3 GB


250 GB

80 GB

80 GB

Video card/chipset

At least DirectX 9.0c supported.

Minimum resolution 1024x768.

Extended desktop support for an external monitor (and external monitor connector) unless just single monitor system.

High-level gaming performance.

Note: ATI/AMD or nVidia recommended since not all Intel graphics have required performance.

512 MB memory with mid-level gaming performance

512 MB memory with mid-level gaming performance

Communication ports

USB for EEGer dongle+

USB/serial for acquisition device

USB for EEGer dongle+ USB/serial for acquisition device+

ethernet/serial for game connection link

ethernet/serial for therapist connection link

IMPORTANT: Do NOT plug in the EEGer dongle before EEGer has been installed. Otherwise, the recovery procedure at the end of this manual may have to be used!

Things needed for the installation:

Keyblock CD (or emailed licenses) EEGer dongle EEGer CD (or downloaded installer)