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To initiate a file download, click the Version link for the desired program.
If you are already using EEGer4™ 4.4 AND/OR have a current 440-enable keyfile,
        please click HERE IS EEGer4™ 4.4

EEGer4 version 4.4 is the latest and most functionally capable version to date.  4.4 boasts more device support and also offers new HTML game capability that is unavailable in version 4.3.  Please note that all future development, including updates, will be exclusively for EEGer4 version 4.4.

This version of EEGer4 is what you want for tryouts.  Almost everything works without licensing except live neurofeedback  (but recorded playbacks do work).  EEGer4 is a prescription device.

If you are using EEGer4 version 4.3 and would like to upgrade to EEGer4 version 4.4, please contact EEG Store at 888-521-9803 or

Note:  EEGer is not officially supported on Windows XP since Microsoft support has ended.  
We cannot fix any issues with XP. 
EEGer appears to work on Windows 11 but  the user interface (Windows) varies with windows updates.

Note:  The 4.3 series of EEGer4 has reached end of development.  

Please contact support at for assistance with 4.3
All games CLICK HERE

Date fixers to correct EEGer file dates after Feb 24
(Rebuilt )
Correct filenames after Feb 24 due to Julian date issue.  Fixes all versions of EEGer before 440y.

Two tools in file auto-extract to C:\EEGer

corrects generation of filenames and if patching, implicitly runeegnamefix

eegnamefix changes older filenames to match new requirement without altering file data
Add-on Modules

Requires purchase of ANI Zscore module
and EEGer Zscore license
1.0.8 3.7 MB 4/20/2011 This is the current version released with EEGer 4.3
*Wiz driver Wiz driver 2 MB 2021-12-29 This is the QWiz and UWiz driver if Windoze installs don't seem to work (since you needed to run the Windows update twice).  
This driver does it all.
Works in W10 also.  Auto installed in 440t+
Rebuilt to work with EEGer
EEGer Dongle Driver

3 MB



Dongle Driver Update.

  1. Click the KLDongleInstall.exe link at left and save the file to disk. (Transfer to the EEGer Therapist computer, if necessary).
  2. UNPLUG the EEGer USB Dongle from the computer.
  3. No need to UNinstall the old drivers.
  4. Double-click the downloaded file, KLDongleInstall.exe to install the drivers.
  5. For Dongle Type, check USB Dongle. Installation Type is Standalone.
  6. Click Begin Install.
  7. Click Close to finish.
  8. Plug in the EEGer USB Dongle. If Found New Hardware Wizard appears, follow prompts to install automatically.

This installer updated in 2020 but just placed here in Nov 2021.

Direct3D for DX9 D3DXD9    

Installer to fix old DirectX 9.0 installations, not needed for 4.2.1 or later

Alpha200 user manual Alpha200manual
Alpha400 user manual Alpha400Manual

esiPro/A200/A400 Amplifier
Test program for Windows 8/7

Installer 32
10 mb
Installer for esiPro amplifier drivers and Demo/Test program for 32-bit OS.

esiPro/A200/A400 Amplifier
Test program for Windows 8/7/10 (64 bit)

Installer 64
10 mb
Installer for esiPro amplifier drivers and Demo/Test program for 64-bit OS.
esiPro/A200/A400 Amplifier
Installer for XP-32
AlphaAmp_XP_32.exe 8 MB 2010 Old installer for XP 32-bit

TTUSB driver installer


9 mb

6 mb

Installer for TTUSB device drivers

SIIG USB-Serial Drivers




Note:  you might also just use the FTDI generic drivers below.

372 kb

405 kb

3.4 mb


v3-supports W8

File extracts contents of installation to a folder on the hard drive.
Version 1 - no cylinder on cable;
Version 2 - cylinder on cable
Also available on EEGer Installation CD, Version 4.1.5 or later - Explore CD Drivers folder.
Version 3 -cylinder on cable, look for v3.0 on back side

Prolific USB-Serial Drivers

1.5 mb

File installs updated drivers which may also be used for adding hardware. Restart may be required.
Also available on EEGer Installation CD, Version 4.1.5 or later - Explore CD Drivers folder.

Brainmaster USB  drivers         for 32-bit systems         for 64-bit systems
1.5 Mb each 2016-02-16 Latest from Brainmaster

Extract files and run dpinst.exe to install files
FTDI 2.12.14 drivers CDM21214_Setup.exe 2 MB 2016-02-02 The Febraury 2016 FTDI drivers should work for Brainmaster AND TTUSB AND CQuick and assorted others.  Remember, you may have to install it twice (once for the USB and once for the serial devices).
FTDI generic drivers
(WHQL certified)

CDM 2.08.30 for Windows
Atlantis FTDI Drivers 1.9 MB OLD These are the 2012 Brainmaster USB files.
You need both the USB and VCP installs
UPDATED Atlantis drivers
Works with Windows 10
1.5 MB 2016 Unzip and run the dpinstall file

IOgear USB-Serial Drivers
IOgear Adapter

88 kb
  Note: This is the Windows 7 driver for 32 and 64 bit systems.

HASP Driver



2.4 mb


5 mb

Aladdin HASP HL Driver update for BeyondVR Games (BLACK key)
Connects to for download.

HASP HASP4 Driver update for BeyondVR Games (Dark GREEN key)
Connects to for download.

Instacal utility to register/interface with Measurement Computing I/O devices icalsetup 30 MB
Measurement Computing driver for A/D and D/a boards.

Should actually get from  Measurement Computing
Old Vista prolific installer Vista_Installer.exe 2 mb
Prolific driver installer for those old prolific-named devices with counterfeit Prolific chips
GetKeyData GetKDInstaller 3 MB 1 May 2020 Create spreadsheet about key usage during sessions for future user-interface designs.
Works will all versions of EEGer.  Creates a zipfile of the spreadsheet in the EEGer\Export folder.


4 MB

Export raw files in SKIL format.
Enables/used for BrainChild


InstallRFlash 0.4
6 MB
 21 April  2014
(installer had wrong version inside)

Create/Install emailable remote flash drive data.
Used by clinician to make emailable file of remote flash drive contents.
Used by remote users to 'build' a remote flash drive from an empty flash drive in case their's is broken/lost.

PTutility 3.2

7 MB

Protocol Transfer Utility
Used to package a session plan into an emailable file. The packaged plan can then be installed on another existing client/protocol class or emailed to another clinician.
Also, can package up presets for transfer/email.

SeeActions 1.0 InstallSeeActions 6 MB 3/5/2015 Tool to view/save sequence of actions/keystrokes in a stored data file.
Designed to assist mentors and training in EEGer use.
EDFBrowser 1.53 setup_edfbrowser_153 4 MB
Tool to view .EDF files
Polyman 1.134.1017 Polyman_setup_v1.134.1017 19 MB
Tool to view EDF files
WinMD5Sum    WinMD5Sum 300KB
A way to check validity of downloads
WinWgetPortable WinWgetPortable 1.3 MB
Complicated but always works for downloads
7-zip 7-zip 1 MB
Very usefull zip/unzip utility
serial_exer 21 KB
Serial port exerciser from CD Extra folder
Tech support package 3.0 InstallTechy 500 KB 4/23/2016 Installs techmenu, commcheck, kinfo all at once.
Standalone install of IOtest software InstallIOtest   1.3 9/16/2104 2.61 version of IOtest
Refilter utility InstallRefilter.exe 6.4 MB 11/12/2017 This allows refiltering (into other frequency bands) for already stored files.  The output text file results in csv suitable format wind up in the Export folder
Dongle updater kupd.exe 276KB 2/17/2013
This utility will update a dongle that expires 12/31/2019 to one that expires 12/31/2038.
Downgrade utility
InstallDowngrade 1.7 MB 2021-10-22 Clean up new data from 440s+ so downgrade to 440r- works
440s patch patchcombo 1.7 MB 2021-01-10 Patch 440s (ONLY!) to correct incorrect EKR creation on systems with varying Microsoft library versions installed.
Tech utility upgrade InstallUtl 20 MB 2023-02-22 Correct issues when uploading tech support information
Setup for ICAN study InstallsetICANup 3.8

OOPS, the ICAN version in 431g was the old files.  Rebuilt just for ICAN but another coming in August 2017 for Atlantis.
3.3 MB 08/25/2017

Log date of execution
Provides common setup for ICAN study.
Revised to forcibly install the special test plans if setup for ican is selected.
Revised for both single/2-computer setups
Revised to localize settings file since Atlantis keys change every year
Revised to split Atlantis settings to its own file and set timeontask
Study data exporter for blind exports v.1.4 Set_ExportStudy_Up.exe 5.6 MB 12/27/2015 Adds utility to export study data including hidden files but masks them for blindness.

Updated to allow  multiple client selections
Compute averages for ICAN study InstallICANaverages.exe  1.7 5.6 MB 11/2/2106 Recomputes TBR for ICAN
Edit data files for sham data studies v.1.7 Set_Editsham_Up.exe  1.7 26 MB 2/21/2017 Use matplotlib to edit data files  to remove data loss and artifacts for sources for sham data.
Graphical display of  ICAN study sessions InstallStudyPlot14 24 MB   6/24/2015 Displays study data graphs of  ICAN sessions using data produced by a Study Manager from the studyplot tool
dkICAN InstallWanda
For ICAN study only
127 MB
Wanda images for ICAN study only
Utility to modify last session settings (threshold, scales, etc.) InstallChangeLast 5 MB 12/8/2016