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Help and Troubleshooting FAQs

Communications & Troubleshooting:
Unable to Communicate
Video/Graphics Troubleshooting
No EEG Signal on Training Display
Signal Problems-ProComp Amplifiers
Unable to connect J&J Amplifier (includes BrainLynx)
Keys Don't Respond (esp. Dual systems)
Remote user error codes (trying to update remote use sessions):
    Errors below 100 have to do with reading the data from the flash drive (expiry).
    Errors 100-199 have to do with the update file from the therapist.
    Errors 200-299 have to do with the resulting updated file on the flash drive.
     (complete error list but  usually only means something to Technical Support)

How To:
Installing EEGer Keyfile Updates
EEGer Default and Preset Protocols
Training with Multiple Sites
Two-channel Training with ProComp
EEGer Client File Maintenance
EEGer Consultation Export/Import 
Changing EEGer Ratio Output in Review

Game Customization:
Customize 4mation Images
Create Jumpfrog from Jumpbox
Customize EEGer Game Sounds

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