EEG Education & Research


EEGer version history

EEGer has been continuously updated since its initial release in 2003.  We cannot provide support for EVERY version of EEGer since that time.  
EEG Education & Research has only been in existence since the end of 2011.

440s 2020-07-17 1. Option to not require flash drives for remote users
2.  Add support for Veil game options
3.  Wiz changes to read serial numbers more consistently
4.  Hide python error message with generic error message
5.  Add option to show age and/or birthday of client
6.  correct A4xx link command option in iotest
7.  Visual (color) change in buttons of remote users (for support)
8.  Support new Fortress dongles
9.  Add support/process for updating keyfiles over internet
10. Add support for GP8e and GP12e amplifiers
11. Add additonal default session plans for training (calm/activate/focus)
12. Add support for Neurobit Optima amplifiers
13. Support both Q20 and Q21 amplifiers with either CAN interface module version
14.  Show CAL and Impedance modes on status line
15.  Faster game startup
16.  4-channel screening modes added

440r 2018-10-17 Rerelease to add the missing 12x layout files
17. Added 12x layout for 4 independent feedback bands
18.  Added identifaction of customization changes made by user before installation of 440r
440r 2018-09-22 1.  Add option to extract a session plan from a session being reviewed
2. Added some debugging displays/control for QPS modes
3. Added retrieval of serial number from A2xx and A4xx devices
4. Added absolute dates in some keyfiles to handle users in other time zones
5.  Corrected intermittent crash  in  mazes, boxes, images due to random number  logic error
6. Allowed users option of using their own box images
7. Handled corrupt management data files
8. Changed text on review averages outputs to make clearer what the values meant
9. Changed reward sound logic to restart reward sound on new rewards
10.  Corrected TK type error on experimental feedback modes
11.  Added better error messages on date errors to explain why
12.  Added method to back up all client data to user-specified location
13.  Added utility to allow refiltering of data into user-specified frequency bands
14.  Added/revised  review FFT data display to allow 2 resolutions for frequency amplitude data
15.  Determine QWiz/UWiz installation/channels from Windows driver data
16. Made classic the default for jumpbox
440q 2017-09-29 1.  Revised fix for NOT repeatedly trying to select below 1 Hz
2.  Added recording of QPS data for futer  analysis
440p 2017-08-02 1.  Correct Eiotest logic for 2/4 channel testing'
2.  Correct game initialization logic for newly added values
3.  Correct demo BetaReset custom session plan
4. Added explicit message if game failed to start (external games)
5. Fixed repeated left arrow driving low frequency below 0 Hz (keyboard repeat) and causing Combo crash
6.  Changed QDSI logic to support DSI-7 headset as well as dsi-24
7.  Removed  QPSLAG mode and added QPSMOD
8.  Moved experimental/suspect feedback modes to require users to explicitly allow them
9.  Correct coding error on  Psyncdual 8 trace mode
10. Made .8 layouts use common reward logic
11. Added QPS debug display in QPS modes
12. Added .12x  layout with 4-channel 4 rewards 4 inhibits
440n 2017-04-10 1.  Verified Atlantis data OK after Discovery changes
2.  Added support for QDSI DSI7 in addition to QDSI24
3.  Corrected EEGer-plan-channel to Discovery-physical-channel mapping
4.  Provided method for multiple dongle updates on same day if specified in new keyfile
5.  Corrected wrong debug data file name if debug logic turned on
6.  Changed coloration for similar looking game initialization tool and tailor games tool so support can tell what screen is up
7.  Corrected modern jumpbox/boxliight  image logic to not try using/deleting  images that failed loading in time for use
8.  Removed extraneous backlash  in support utility for  .EKX file creation
Study changes
9.  Corrected Tk error in study manager if no study  name defined
10. Update study manager to 431g changes
440m 2017-01-12 1.  Corrected difference between Discovery20 and Discovery24
2.  Erroneous 'unlicensed' messages remove from Plan Session (the asterisk marking  licensed options confused logic)
3.  Centered the operator name  boxes on display
4.  New warning message on QPS frequency differences
5.  Made sure updates to remote users don't truncate last character of data
6.  Widened trend graph disaply on review screens
7.  Trap error if trying to print notes file if there isn't one
8.  allow Ctrl-F7 as IO flush command while running
9.  Shift-F5 flushes device memory
10. Correct graphics memory loss after many 4mation images
11. Correct tk error if enabling FFT bars with no dongle installed
12. Lengthened timeout on 2-computer feedvack display transfers
13. Correctly decode export menu option enables
14.  Renamed 'game' to 'feedback display' (not really games)
15. Added support and export of >4 channel amplifier/encoder data
16. Lowered CPU utilization after running a session.
440k 14 October 2016

1.  Correct crash if more than 32 serial ports (Bluetooth issue)
2.  Interface documents have old format for LAYOUT message (binary,HTML,JSON)
3.  Revised program for more detailed control of options
4.  Corrected possible memory overrun issues in coding
5.  Added start menu link to clean up EEGer executables if left running by some abnormality
6. Changed Tactile feedback device identifier to have TACTILE in device name (due to Microsoft change)
7. Changed Study Manager to request study name if not already specified
8.  Added SITE message to game interface to let games know in-use site(s)
9.  Made review trend graph wider
10. Added option to decrese apparent sensitivy of Phoenix amps
11. Made Alt-F11 also reset all the backing storage used for coherence modes
12. Changed TTUSB driver to  limit execution time (erratic display hesitations)
13 Inhibited slow process message (snail) for first 10 seconds of EEGer games
14. Added warning message if QPS frequencies not set the same
15. Added optional saving of EEG data from multichannel devices (Q20,eVox,QDSI,Cognionics,Discovery24)
       Note: Export of saved data in EDF+ format is still pending
440j 26 April 2016 1.  Fix recording of data so partial replays are possible (broken in 440h and 440i)
2.  Fix long term display to not start drawing until beginning of feedback
3.  Fix failure in exporting summary data in CSV format
4.  Fix Hues display to fully cover screen with overlay
5.  Add recording of all channells for 19+ channel amplifiers
        jNote that extraction of the data is not yet complete
6.  Change Q20 channel selection for 4-channel adapter
7.  Change text message regarding keyfile installation
        Note: actual 'install' is done when EEGer actually starts up
8.  Added log of remote-use creations/updates to assist clinicians/support staff
440i 7 April 2016 Rebuilt to include chomper2 gamedef file.

3 April 2016
1. Track feedback mode and time statistics
2.  Added  some new devices
3.  Avoid crashes if TTUSB is NOT plugged in but specified.
4. Report forced-remote status on top screen (used for training remote users)
5. Correct selection of 2nd display on Windows 10 dual monitor and positioning
6.  Lengthened realtime overrun checking
7.  Added many more sounds and added many preset sound selections to games
8.  Changed default 4mation images (deleted  some, added more)
9.  Replace 'faces' with cartoon faces
10. Added saving of overthreshold state when recording fast amplitudes
11.  Report invalid *-WIZ states
12.  Updated "seticanup" utility for ICAN study (now at 3.3)
13.  Updated tech support program to actually detect Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (thank you Microsoft for nothing)
14.  Corrected impedance display logic to properly handle old devices and new devices
15.  Corrected review details display  if operator name is used
(retracted due to impedance display issues)
15 March 2016 1. Track feedback mode and time statistics
2.  Added  some new devices
3.  Avoid crashes if TTUSB is NOT plugged in but specified.
4. Report forced-remote status on top screen (used for training remote users)
5. Correct selection of 2nd display on Windows 10 dual monitor and positioning
6.  Lengthened realtime overrun checking
7.  Added many more sounds and added many preset sound selections to games
8.  Cyhanged default 4mation images (deleted  some, added more)
9.  Replace 'faces' with cartoon faces
10. Added saving of overthreshold state when recording fast amplitudes
11.  Report invalid *-WIZ states
12.  Updated "seticanup" utility for ICAN study
13.  Updated tech support program to actually detect Windows 4.1 and Windows 10 (thank you Microsoft) for nothing
440g 8 January 2016 1.  Correct array indexing bug in storage (during artifact-suppressed summary displays)
2.  Add option for artifact-suppressed review ratios
3.  Correct display logic that was dependent on horizontally-oriented dual displays
4.  Report QWiz mode change errors
5.  Correct decoding of MUSE firmware status and settings
6.  Minor study manager text changes to enhance making choices more explicit
7.  Correctly display impedance values under all conditions if amp has impedance capability
440f 23 October 2015 1.  Revise Spectral to work with W10 having poor 2D drivers
2.  First release (partial) of DSI support
3.  First release (partial) of MUSE support
4.  Selected correct directory when archiving  stages files (session plans)
5.  Correct display cutoff when reviewing Print images
6.  Correct editing failure when changes presets
7.  Correct  bug finding serial ports if Windows has never seen andy serial ports (registry error)
8.  Added optional inhibit/reward  gauge bars for EEGer game screens
440e 30 August 2015 1. Fixed bug where bottom row of Feedback popup menu could not be reached
2. Fixed bug where serial ports not correctly identified (giving error messages that were incorrect)
3. Fixed bug for Muse amplifier driver incorrectly checking for fixed number of sites instead of number in the session plan
4.  Made upper report area of tech support menu really scrollable
5.  Updated serial port interface library to better work with Windows 10
6.  Added a demo-only display mode--not for normal use
440d 12 August 2015 1. Fixed bug in plan session for QPS modes not properly  matching frequencies
2. Added preliminary support for eVox and MUSE, DSI pending
440c 25 July 2015 Rebuild installer only (no code changes) to examine DVDgame version for compatibiliy
440c 22 July 2015 1.  Added preliminary eVox support
440b5 10 July 2015 Patch bug in remote user begin session  setup
440b4 4 July 2015 1.  Correct error in options if blank instead of zero numeric fields
2.  Trap error on exporting invalid summary files
3.  Reorder testing for sham/stdy client status (only affects really old study clients from 4.2 versions)
4.  Fixes for fgraph bugs
5.  Add game used to  summary data export
440b2 16 June 2015 Rebuild patch without debug statements
440b2 15 June 2015 Patch for timing bug when running external games (chomper, SR,BR)22
440b1 9 June 2015 Patch for bug in Mazes
440b 26 May 2015 Actual 440b release
440b 20 May 2015 RC2 release
440a 1 May 2015 Initial release 

We may require users with issues to update to a newer version of EEGer in order to provide support.

431 release

431h Correct typo in  creating remote use updates
431g 29 March 2017 Note.  The ICAN settings program is incorrect in this download.  Please separately download and install the setICANup program from the downloads page from now on.
431g 29 March 2017 1.  Fixed memory loss in 4mation
Study changes
2.  Added recording of all EEGer options and settings for later verification
431f 3 November 2016 Rebuild installer to include new  icanaverages
431f 14 October 2016 Study changes
Rebuild installer for correct setICANup utility
431f 13 October 2016 Study changes
1.  Changed special study mode logic to correct  non-display of some game data
2.  Corrected setICANup to handle changes from having to update Atlantis passcodes (every year!)
431e 27 August 2016 1.  Added optional inhibit/reward  gauge bars for EEGer game screens (backfit from 440f for ICAN)
2.  Fix bug in displaying statistics on help  menu
3.  Corrected possible memory overrun issues in coding
4.  Changed serial port scan to use registry (cause: Bluetooth long delays)
5.  Changed TTUSB driver to  limit execution time (erratic display hesitations)
6.  Added limits on export (version43 enable) for new users
Study changes
7. Reverted SetICANUp utility to set 0.0 seconds of time-on-task
431d 9 April 2016 1.  Corrected backfix from 440 to fix management minutes issue
431d 7 April 2016 Rebuilt to include chomper2 gamedef file.
431d 1 April 2016 1.  Reverted setICANup utility  to 0.0 seconds time-on-task (now version 3.3)
2.  Corrected  issue with saving management minutes at end of session
update only
6 March 2016 1.  Removed some images from 4mation causing some children problems
2.  Replaced Faces images with cartoon faces
3.  Added additional sound file options
4.  Added new sound files to gamedef sound options
5.  Updated setICANup utility to provide 0.2 seconds time-on-task
6.  Added saving/reporting of overthrehold state during recording of fast amplitudes
431b 6 December 2015 Reissue since I forgot to enable the user option for  rewiew ratios
431b 4 December 2015 1.  Revised storage logic to  stay inside array boundaries
2.  Added artifact-suppressed option for  review ratios
431a 6 October 2015 Reissue since wrong utility program built into installer (just gave bogus error message)
431a         4 October 2015 Built from 430z6 since I ran out of letters....

1.  Revised Spectral for use with Windows 10 graphics
2.  Correct Archive function to find stages files
3.  Corrected editing/saving of  stage presets
4.  Correct display of saved graphics files (when reviewing image, top/bottom cut off but actual print OK)

430 releases

430z6 12 August 2015 1. Fixed bug in plan session for QPS modes not properly  matching frequencies
Study changes
2.  Allow Study Changes when accessed via Microsoft Remote Terminal
430z5 25 July 2015 Rebuild installer only (no code changes) to examine DVDgame version for compatibiliy
430z5 16 July 2015 Patch release
1.  Correct bug when installing over old releases where network paths were used/changed after  originall 430z bug (accidental 440 file included)
430z4 4 July 2015 Patch release
1.  Correct error in options if blank instead of zero numeric fields
2.  Trap error on exporting invalid summary files
3.  Add game used to summary data export
Study changes
4.  Reorder testing for sham/stdy client status (only affects really old study clients from 4.2 versions)
430z3 20 June 2015 Patch release
1.  Better check if correct sound files configuration on update to existing installation
Study changes
2.  Change zero-suppressed to artifact-suppressed summary data display
430z2 9 June 2015 Patch release to fix bug in mazes
430z1 26 May 2015 Patch release to remove  issue with incorrect 440 gamedef  file (2-computer systems only)
20 May 2015 Rebuild installer to install an even newer Microsoft DLL library due to some update change TBD.
No EEGer files were changed.
430z RERELEASE 20 April 2015 Rebuild since ONE 440a file had crept into build
19 April 2015 1.  Correct display of current layout during session planning
2.  Fix crash in review details if Q20 is device (where device name is displayed)
3.  Corrected display of function keys in utility SeeActions
4.  Added (HIPAA) way of anonymizing Consultation Exports
5.  Highlight traces in RED if no site label
6.  Add amp enable for new amp development
7.  Display layout name in Plan Session
Study changes
8.  Fix test for ICAN game settings to only check if client is part of study
9.  Fix setup program to handle cases where Atlantis has never been installed ever
430y4 22 Feb 2015 1. Set correct  gains for all cases (not just default cases)
Study changes
2.  Corrected error in saving settings for later analysis (like amplifier gains)
430y3 19 Feb 2015 1. Save/display modification status of named session plans
Study changes

2.  Corrected erroneous replay scaling for sham session recordings
3.  Stopped doubled smoothing of live data for sham subjects
4 Feb 2015 Study changes
1.  Changed StudyManager to allow any set of protocol classes to be sham data source
2.  Made sure that Game Initialization Tool had to be run (to catch previous game definition changes)
30 Jan 2015 1. Changed mazes logic to OPTIONALLY allow continuous mazes rather than end a period on maze end
CHANGES for ICAN study
2.  Changed default frequencies for special study plans
3.  Added warning box if games not configured for ICAN if study name is ICAN
4.  Set Summary display default to zero-suppressed if ICAN study and in Pause or Stage state (but Ctrl-R still works)
26 Jan 2015
Study changes
Fixed the Ctrl-R summary option display for ICAN
430y 23 Jan 2015 1.   Set default spectral display width to 65 Hz
Study changes
2.  Major rework of summary display (option) for the ICAN study
3.   Miscellaneous study  cleanup
430x8 22 Jan 2015 1.  Worked around problem with ProComp2/TTUSB reporting THREE eeg channels (A,B,D)
430x7 20 Jan 2015 1.  Fixed filename case mismatch on Consultation  Import (depended on version used to export)
430x6 14 Jan 2015 1.  Fixed broken (x5) Space Race game selection
2.  Fixed incorrect build settings (x5)
  Ported fixes to next release logic so this shouldn't happen again
430x5 12 Jan 2015 1.  Correct display of unused traces during no-reward layouts
2.  Display current layout in session planning
3.  Allow users to archive multiple clients with no activity in previous year
4.  Keep log of keyfile installs
5.  Revised techsupport menu
6.  Correct 7m layout ratio computation
430x4 5 Jan 2015 1.  Correctly initialize old filter variable5
430x3 22 Dec 2014 1.  Work around a startup timing issue with TTUSB not reporting enough channels
430x1 18 Dec 2014 1.  Handle CJK (Unicode) characters in user logons (allow exports to go to C:\EEGer\Export)
2.  Change study manager logic to work with mismatched setups (networked systems)
3.  More dongle information for support
2 Dec 2014
Fixed typo in Study Manager change
1 Dec 2014
Minor change for Study Manager
430x 30Nov2014 1.  Corrected default Space Race and EEG Chomper definition files in installer
2.  Corrected scaling issues with Q20 driver
3.  Fixed recognition of new device names (J202, J404)
4.  Corrected display scaling of FFT values
5.  Correct Tk bug on modal error messages (startup issue)
6.  Changed name of ICAN setup program to make Windows able to run it
7.  Added optional display of any study and/or custom session plan title
8.  Added record of options specified during a session for later study/analysis
9.  Changed some textual titles to improve messages
10.Make “Monitor” channels (in blue) have M prefix on functions
11.Disallow impedance and calibration mode settings in Replay
12.Added support for double blind gain adjustments
430w.3 REBUILD
14 October 2014
Just about the end of this-fixed a bug in 2 computer game updates
Next version (431) will NOT support 2-computer mode at all
12 October 2014
Something wrong with installer so rebuild (no code change)
430w 8 October 2014 1.  Added ICANSETUP to release (for ICAN study)
430Wrc2 7 October 2014 1.  Added StudyManager method to specify amplifer/encoder to be used (and change selection automatically)
430wRC1 5 October 2014 1. Fixes/changes to Study Manager logic
2. Added more error messages
3. Clearer message when remote data locations not available
4. Fixed issue with Atlantis 16-bit 4-channel mode
5. Added Q20 driver (unvalidated yet)
6. Fixed problem updating EEGer over 422  (game sounds)
18 August 2014
Something wrong with uploaded  executables TTUSB  so rebuild and reupload
430v 16 August 2014 1.  Preliminary Q20 Driver
2. Corrected display of TTUSB Infiniti  impedance values if EEG-Z devices are used
3.  Corrected carry-forward of Game Initialization Tool settings after Image Installer utility is run
4.  Updated Image Installer utility
5.  Incorporated fix for gtool error if new data found (FIXES PICTURE PACK SOUNDS)
6.  Added E,A,B to exported filenames for unambiguous naming.
430u.1 31 July 2014 1.  Handle 2-computer case of game tailoring where single computer never  run (wrong filename)
2.  Add EEGer summary value outputs at period end to 1-second export data (fix minor decimal place differences)
3.  Temporary fix for FATAL error for remote users who have new session plans and lots of updates
430u 17 July 2014 1.  Corrected corner review proto sort case where period lengths are <=  1second
2.  Added special 7m  modes and custom session plans for ICANS
3.  Corrected detection of feedback modes with no rewards but still display hidden traces
4.  Allow = sign in custom stage names
5.  Allow up to 65 Hz in filters
430t.6 02 July 2014 23.  Handle deletion of last game in tailor games.
24.  Another corner case for picturepack  builds
430t.5 29 June 2014 18. Added logic to extract thresholds if extradata is exported (StudyManager)
19. Made review Ratio outputs follow the preferences power ratio flag
20. Added reward counts to review ratio page for study
21. Expanded display of tabular site reports  to handle long sites (AF1-A1,AF2-A2, 4-channels,etc.)
22. Yet another fix in gtool/gamesel for picturepacks and deleting installed game selections
430t 18 June 2014 Change installer to overwrite obsolete  study manager  session plans
16 June 2014
16.  Correct scripting error in Study Manager
17.  Corrected typos found with pylint
15 June 2014
15.  Added 7m and 7im layouts (adds monitor traces to  5 and 6i)
430t RC4
21 May 2014
13.  NOT hide unused traces during screening (since none are used for feedback anyway) so raw/FFT data shows
14.  Added a Ratio comparison optional feedback mode to the screening layouts (for TB ratio tests)
430t RC3
20 May 2014
10.  Added CSV dumps to zip files for studies (with sham, live, real data)
11.  Added CSV export of raw data files
12.  Added busy screens when exporting data
430t RC2
18 May 2014
8.  Removed leftover debug message when hunting for remote flash drives and hard drive found first
9.  Changed TTL logic to force a flush of the incoming TTLAPI data so input  is not delayed due to existing buffered data
430t RC1
14 May2014
1.  Correct (again/finally) loss of tailored data from Game Initialization Tool
2.  Made file management buttons larger
3.  (First cut) added GUI to allow setting custom frequency bands for review ratio outputs
4.  Added device names for EEG Store-labeled devices
5.  Allow up to COM32 for serial device selection (thank you Windows)
6.  Added realtime-selectable method for disabling rewards (for trials)
7.  Made session planning for QPS modes change monitor freqs to match reward freq
2.  Corrected bug in single-monitor mode after revising GIT output
1.  Corrected problem with Game Initialization Tool revising PicturePack  references
24 April 2014
430s RC4
19 April 2014
16.  Fixed bug from RC1 (#1) where large screening session plans overflowed buffer, corrupting summary files
430s RC3
15 April 2014
15.  FINALLY - fixed autoupdate of game selections after running game initialization tool
430s RC2
13 April 2014
11.  Store session plan for  study retrieval
12.  Handle bug in review proto where SUM and RAW file data lengths differ
13.  Added explicit message if 4-band license not there when needed
14.  Added 'special' option to force clinical system to remote-use configuration for testing/demonstration
430s RC1
31 march 2014
1.  Added saving/display of layout used for a session
2.  Display SW version, game used, and layout used to review details display
3.  Changed review logic to stop BLT4 crashes in review when clicking 
        (race between clearing old and building new graphics)
4.  Added message about autoreplay of session with different layout than recorded
5.  Corrected disable of autostaging during partial replay (should have been disable autoreplay during partial replay)
6.  Made raw trace threshold check better match raw data averages
7.  A change to the sham data logic (for double-blind studies).
8.  Better logging of impedance mode on/off for review display
9.  Added optional coefficent of variation to review summary data
10.  Check amplifier connection at startup
24 March 2014
1.  Fall back to old game initialziation tool logic since different Windows versions act differently and require different permissions.  It is too hard to fight this issue so I restored some older logic.
2.  Some 430s minor changes were incorporated that slipped in for the review logic - not worth taking them back out
21 March 2014
1.  Updated help file
2.  Corrected minor typos in documentation
430r RC4
17 March 2014
1.  Change TTUSB driver to ensure cleanup of messages
2.  Change brainwave FFT display to make frequencies/marks align with scale
3.  Add processor identification to Comm Check (for tech support)
4.  Change gtool to add more debugging  logic and error traps
5.  Fix possible crash/hang in game exit logic
6.  Add method of exporting multiple review sessions
430r RC3
7 March 2014
1.  Fixed EDF export to handle optional high-speed amplitude outputs for future NF studies
2.  Added global default on-task times (for NF study)
3.  Allow remote flash utility to write someplace besides desktop (W8.1 desktop write issue)
4.  Display who EEGer is licensed to on game/therapist screen
5.  Set firewall bypass for CommCheck tech support utility
6.  Added optional global on-task time for rewards
7.  Correct bug in 4-channel TTUSB interface logic
430r RC1
4 March 2014
1. Allow writing remote update (EKR) file to someplace besides desktop (thank you Windows 8.1)
2. Display reference impedance values (broken in Q by logic to dynamically display impedances if available)
3.  Inhibit impedance display provided by TTUSB driver for ProComp2 (apparently it decodes invalid status - issue arised with possibility to display continuous impedance values)
4.  Correct mouse display logic (always on-broken in Q when adding training mode logic)
5.  Cleaner install options (made the default to always be off and added message about them)
6.  Added optional high-speed recording of some data for future NF studies
430q 16 February 2014 Installer kept insisting this was RC5
15 February 2014
1.  Better display of keyboard lost
2.  Minor training/demo aids updated
430q RC5
12 February 2014
1.  Added optional gain correction for *Wiz devices
2.  Re-enforced auto reset of data when exiting initialization state of amplifier
430q RC4
11 February 2014
1.  Fixed bug from December not seen becuase of utility update error which caused tailoring and such to crash.
         Now  identified as RC4a
430q RC4
10 February 2014
1.  Added correct version of  utility to release so it automatically updates 4mation game selections after running the Game Initialization Tool
2.  Added logic to try identifying USB flash drives( for remote use) that report themselves as fixed disks
3.  Added option to inhibit ethernet buddy checking  in case all else fails
4.  Additional ethernet buddy checks for Windows 8 changes
5.  Revised tech support setip to show connection status for 2-computer systems
6.  MAJOR change to incorporate a < 1Hz notch filter for amp baseline issues (first feedback code  change since RC1)
430q RC3
6 February 2014

1.  Corrected possible error in handling error return due to refusal to run a live session (no authorizations remaining, no remote sessions remaining, remote expiration date passed, dongle not plugged in)
430q RC2
2 February 2014

1.  Corrected problem in Game Initialization Tool for  4mation Picture Packs
430q RC1  
30 January 2014

1.  Changed TTUSB interface logic to handle high-speed data interface without causing buffer overrun in interface
2.  Corrected 2-computer Ethernet checking to handle XP, Windows 7 , AND Windows 8 reporting formats
3.  Added logic to request administrator privileges when trying to set IP addresses in Tech Support menu
4.  (Finally) fixed Game Initialization Tool to handle updating so it didn't have to be run on every EEGer installation (unless some internal format changed).
5.  Corrected (index) bug in success sound playing
24 January 2014
1.  Changed review ratio recomputation to use same terms as used for summary data
2.  Added color block and text when review graph mouse is nearest a trace
3.  Fixed problem where esiPro/A200/A400  wouldn't  connect  due to low voltage on laptop USB port
4.  Separated AT layout text description from SMR/EXP text
5.  Fix possible problem in recognizing really long session plans (especially remote session plans!)
14 January 2014
1.  Try deleting game configurations if mismatched sound paths
2.  Added display of "beta" text if a beta or release candidate (or if patched by tech support)
3.  Correct crash if 2-computer configuration and games never retrieved
4.  Corrected bug where 2-computer systems always thought games differed
5.  Added more messages about failing dongle updates
13 December 2013
1.  Automatically add 4mations games after Game Initialization Tool is run
2.  Display installed but unlicensed games in pink
3.  Made installer NOT install on systems prior to XPSP3
4.  Fixed bug in displaying images in boxlights/jumpbox
5.  Fixed volumn control indexing
6.  Added *-Wiz devices
7.  Kept mouse on screen when starting games
8.  Updated documentation
9.  Battery/status now shown in Green background
10.  Made "lost keyboard" more noticeable
11.  Added 8-trace sum/difference modes
12.  Fixed problem allowing selection of 3D games when defaulted to single monitor
13.  Updated amplifier test to have consistent color-coded status
14.  Fixed bug in passing data to games while in 4-channel  layouts
15.  Made default J&J amplifier mode be "raw"
430k 29 September 2013 1.  Revised saync smoothing and added control options
2.  Fixed display of rewardable status on raw traces
3.  Expanded text of layout selections
4.  Added line numbers to configuration items
430h 24 September 2013 1.  Added optional threshold lines to review graph
2.  Corrected bug allowing too long a client code identifier
3.  Yet Another Fix for showing however many actual raw bands of data to display in review
4.  Added tech support tools to help in license/kyblock issues and in communication/device issues
430g 4 August 2013 1.  Changed logic to enable Atlantis I and Discovery devices
Note:  Devices only work in EEGer in 24-bit mode pending solution from Brainmaster
2.  Corrected fatal flaw in Alpha-Theta feedback (bell reward never given due to typo)
3.  Recoded some logic looking for repeated crashes reported by one user
4.  Added mazes options (random order or different starting maze)
5.  Changed fix-color "yellow" to "gold" to make it more visible
6.  Numerous informational displays added for tech support
430f 6 June 2013 1.  Corrected typo blocking summary files with peripheral data
2.  Added overall percentage values for periods to summary data
3.  Correct logic for ignoring reward streams with zero thresholds
Note:  setting zero threshold on any filtered trace makes its label show in BLUE meaning monitored-only
4.  Added average psync and multiple psync feedback modes
430e 21 May 2013 Corrected fatal bug from 430d
1.  Fixed inhibit ignore logic to work under all conditions
2.  Corrected minor error in exporting summary data
3.  Changed installer to require unplugging of devices (so reinstall doesn't make device unavailable in Windows 7/8)
4.  Corrected restoration of individual volume settings
5.  Provided blank screen behind external games that do not fill windows
430d 15 May 2013 Corrected bugs and implemented some changes:
1.  Corrected bug with multiple reward streams and advanced modes
2.  Corrected typo (since 2011!) affecting resetting of J&J error conditions
3.  Added more feedback modes with multiple reward streams
4.  Added logic to optionally ignore selected inhibit streams
430c 4 May 2013 Corrected initial release bugs:
1.  D3DX9_31 not found on some systems
2.  Background image (Iris) not forced in as background  for new release
3.  Old ProComp name not recognized (and automatically changed to ProSB)
430b 9 April 2013 Initial release of new baseline by EEG Software
Includes support for 4 channels of EEG and comprehensive bug fixes from 422
422pd 1 March 2012 UNofficial patches to 422p to correct known bugs in 422p
422p 29 June 2011 Last release by NeuroCybernetics
422m 4 May 2010

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