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EEGer amplifier support

EEGer4 Neurofeedback software supports a variety of  EEG amplifiers, each with varying signal characteristics.
Details of these amplifers are document in the EEGer4 Techincal manual, available from this site.  A summary of the major
 amplifier classes is shown below. 

The significant characteristics for any amplifier are:  linearity, bandpass, and connection (to computer).
The linearity has to do with how evenly the amplifier "amplifies" the incoming EEG.
The bandwidth tells how low and how high in frequency the amplifier can pass data.
The ideal amplifier would linearly amplify all frequencies of interest.
Connections to the computer can be either serial (wired or Bluetooth) or USB.

This diagram shows linearity and bandpass for a number of amplifiers.
Notice the wide range of linearity and of bandpass.

60 Hz bandpass graph

This diagram shows linearity just in the low frequency range.

Low frequency bandpass graph

The images below show the difference in data for J&J amps depending on data input selection.

Normal data setting Raw data graph

Please especially note the variance in J&J amplfiers running with/without raw data mode selected.
On new installations (not updates),  EEGer now defaults to raw mode selection.

Also, note that where will be an error message in the lower left if EEGer cannot initially communicate with an amplifier.

Phoenix Neuro Systems (was Telediagnostics)
esiPro, A20x, A40x Manufacturer-provided Windows driver   Status will be GREEN OK, RED None (device not found), or RED SYNC (communication error)
J&J Engineering
C2mini, GP,C2 Windows HID driver+
Manufacturer interface
Obsolete Status will be NONE in RED if device not  communicating, a value in YELLOW if the batteries are low (<4.2 volts is failure), or GREEN battery voltage
Brainlynx, Spectrum amps built for NeuroCybernetics, 2 and 4 channel amps built for EEG Sales and EEG Store Windows HID driver+
Manufacturer interface
C2+ with custom filter  
(circuit change )
Other C2+-based J&J amps Windows HID driver+
Manufacturer interface
Thought Technology
ProComp2, ProComp+, Infiniti :using serial ProSB interface EEGer software  Limited to 2 EEG channels Status will be NONE in RED if device not  communicating, a value in YELLOW if the batteries are low, or GREEN battery voltage
ProComp2, ProComp+,Infiniti,Procomp5 : using TTUSB Manufacturer-provided interface  
Brainmaster2EW, Atlantis I, Atlantis II Manufacturer-provided interface  Requires special EEGer-enabled passcode from Brainmaster  Status will be INOP in RED if not communicating, BMSTR in GREEN if ok, or BMSTR in RED if a buffer overlflow
Atlantis I Manufacturer-provided interface Status will be INOP in RED if not communicating, ATLok in GREEN if ok, or ATLok in RED if a buffer overlflow
Discovery 2- channel  Manufacturer-provided interface
Pendant-EEG EEGer software   Status will be Pconn in RED if no connection, PDead in RED if not in synchronized, PEND in YELLOW if battery low,PEND in RED if buffer overlflow, or PEND in GREEN if  evrything ok
Q-Wiz, U-Wiz EEGer Software   Status will be WizNC in RED if not connected, Wzbad in RED if not synchronized,WIZ in  YELLOW if optional impedance monitoring show bad, WIZ in RED if buffer overflow, or WIZ in GREEN if everything ok
Other amplifiers
Q20, PET2.0, QPET,  A/D RED status means failure, GREEN status means OK
YELLOW status means battery low if device uses a battery.

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