EEGer gratefully acknowledges the use of some incredibly powerful open source packages.

The packages EEGer uses can be downloaded from here but newer ones are generally available from the respective package development sites.
Package link Why EEGer uses this package
Python 2.5 Python is used for non-realtime portions of EEGer
pywin32-210 These are the Windows interfaces for Python
Pmw.1.2 PythonMegaWidgets are some useful user interace additions for Python
tcl8414 TCL 8.4 scripting libraries
tk8414 TK 8.4 scripting and display libraries
Imaging-1.1.6 This is PIL for imaging work in Python
zlib123 zip/unzip libraries
jpegsrc.v6b JPEG libraries
egenix-mx-base-2.1.0_20060922 EGENIX Date and Time libraries for Python
ft231 FFT library
hge18 Haaf's Game Engine for 2D graphics using 3D drivers
HGE_dx9_3_7_07 Patches for HGE18 to work with DirectX 9
FIDlibDLL FID filter module packaged as a DLL (for experimental use in EEGer to compare against various filter methods)

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