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EEGer4 440y              1 May 2023
EEGer4 440x          19 October 2022

EEGer4 440v           25 January 2022
EEGer4 440u          29 November 2021
EEGer4 440t            25 October 2021
EEGer4 440s          17 July 2020
EEGer4  440r          17 October 2018
  Final 4.3 version was 431g  29 March 2017

Note:  EEGer is not officially supported on Windows XP since Microsoft support has ended.  
We cannot fix any issues with XP or Windows 7.

For filenaming issues after February 24,2023, please see the fix tools on the downloads page.

4.4 Release Documentation
EEGer4 Technical Manual (online)
EEGer4 Technical Manual (PDF)
EEGer4 Operator Manual (online)
EEGer4 Operator Manual (PDF)
EEGer4 Release notes (online)

(Instructions also contains Hardware Requirements)

EEGer4 4.4 Installation & Test Manual
EEGer4 Tutorial (11 MB PDF)

EEGer4 4.3 Installation & Test Manual

Implementation Conformance Statement (PDF)

Open source packages used by EEGer


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EEGer used in ADHD study
ICAN Study
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